Where Do You Turn When The Church Forsakes You?

This is the first time I have ever written a blog. By no means am I an author or have clever words.

What I do have is a heart for Jesus that has been wounded by the local body. I, in no way, want this to be a gripe session or a time to bash the local body. I do want to give an honest and realistic view of the local body and what happens to a pastor, when the local body forsakes its own.

For nearly 30 years I have served the local body with excitement, enthusiasm, dedication and a willingness to go above and beyond for “The Church”. While I have seen the behind the scene things that go on at most churches, I learned that the body of Christ is made up of imperfect people and I overlooked others shortcomings as they have mine.

But what do you do when you discover that the pastors at a local body turn their backs on one of their own, to save a paycheck or to cover up their own ungodliness? What do you do when their attempts to cover up their own sin, causes the local body to go into a tailspin, lose membership, cause division and refuse to repent?

During the days ahead I will try and chronicle what I have seen thru my experience in the local body. Some of this was and is so hurtful, it is hard to put it into words. It is so unbelievable that most will have a hard time believing a local church could take part in such behavior. Before all of this, I would not believe a local body of believers and pastors could do such harm, all in the name of Jesus.

In the end, my reasons for writing this is to help other pastors who have been thru what I have been thru and see God’s healing hand, even when we can’t see it with human eyes, but know that thru faith we will see it.